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What's the RV-10?

From Vans Aircraft:

The RV-10 is a true four-person airplane, not just an airplane with four seats. It will carry four FAA standard adults, full fuel and sixty pounds of baggage while remaining at or below max gross weight. The cabin accommodates four full-sized adults. Both front and back seats will hold people 6’4″ tall and provide them with truly comfortable leg and headroom. Pilot seats can be adjusted in the cabin while seated. Composite gull-wing doors let occupants board from both sides.

Why the RV-10?

I started out looking for a four place aircraft, something like a C172 or PA28. However these aren't true four place airplanes, 3 people and you need to start looking at compromises. I also didn't like the fact that the available used models within my budget were all around the 30 years or older mark. Some of my missions also include lengths of around 400 miles, which would be mildly painful in something so slow. As my search broadened I started considering experimental aircraft. Experimental Amateur Built aircraft are attractive because of their lower operating cost compared to their certified counterpart, and by building myself it can be built and customized to suit my mission and tastes specifically. T

There were quite a few 4 place kits on the market when I started in 2018, however only the Vans RV-10 and the Sling 4 seemed to exist in any substantial numbers. I liked the aluminum construction of the RV-10 and Sling over the composite structure of other competitors like the Velocity. In the end, the Vans RV-10 fit my mission better I think, being faster than the Sling 4. The Vans Air Force community has also been an incredible help in the past few months of building and was no small part in choosing a Vans RV design.