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Cleco on, Cleco off

Lots of drilling and lots of putting clecos on and taking clecos off to assemble things in the correct order. Match Drill, Debur, Cleco, and back to the start.

This initial page took me a full 7 days to finish, albeit I wasn't working 8 hour days. More like an hour here, an hour there while I waited for replacement parts and stuff I didn't think about.

For instance, bought a belt sander so I could more easily trim ribs. Got some more air hoses and fittings too.

Now I'm done with 6-2 and halfway through 6-3, but I'm waiting on my first bottle of primer to come before I proceed. The issues of living next to an ocean!

Some pictures:

A closeup of the rudder hinges here.

Here's the finished assembly of the vertical stabilizer skeleton" Skeleton

I shot some close ups on these Clecos here, because they were a pain to put in, close quarters and all:

And lastly, this is where I left off, with the skin cleco'd and stretched over the skeleton.

Time and Cost

Money spent so far: