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Engine Installation

· 2 min read

Have to say this was quite a surreal moment. I think I've just been working steadily at this project chipping away at it, but when the engine arrived it was really pretty surreal thinking how close we are to flying.

I above all else wanted an efficient engine, and I didn't care too much about going above 260HP as from everything I've read 260HP is plenty for the RV-10. I ended up getting a kit built engine from AeroSport Power up in BC. It's a standard IO-540 built from kits sold by Lycoming, except Aerosport was able to deliver the engine to me configured for SDS EFI. That saved a lot of time and hassle vs getting an engine from Lycoming then deleting mags myself, and it turned out cheaper! I received the engine via Freight in July, and we got an engine hoist from Harbor Freight + some straps to hoist it out and install. This turned out to be a three person job out of an abundance of caution, but nothing difficult. Because of the orientation of the straps we had to have two people maneuver the engine in place while the third installed and torqued the engine mounting bolts.