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Prop Installation

· 2 min read

Got the prop a couple of weeks ago from Hartzell. Installation was fairly straightforward, althought I did have to cross reference the prop install manual and the Van's build instructions a couple of times. I used the Bogert Aviation Prop Sling to haul the prop into place, and then it was just six bolts to torque. I've mentioned this before but this is another one of those areas where having a torque wrench adapter pays off, made torquing the prop bolts a non-event.

Following Hartzell's manual, I used 0.032" safety wire to safety all the bolts, which as I understand is under the size of the usual 0.041" but since it's ok with Hartzell we'll see if whoever is doing the final inspection will see it as an issue.


This is one of those areas where the kit just gets better. I obtained Hartzell's spinner cutout template from VAF but it turns out not only is the cutout already marked on the spinner, so are the screw holes. I opened the gap up the 1/4" from experience on VAF to prevent rubbing the prop if it vibrates, but otherwise it was very straightforward spinner install. Deburring was a PITA, nothing worked until I got a double edged deburring tool.