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PHAviation Flap Motor install

· 3 min read

Worked on installing the flap motor and flap system while waiting for my rudder pedals to arrive. Flap tubes are pretty much stock and didn't pose much issue, but the PHAviation flap motor took me longer than I expected.

I want to document this install as the current install manual isn't as detailed as VAN's.

First of all, here's the product in question. It's an all in one unit that saves you from wiring up a position sensor and has an integrated stop in the unit.

Here's the install manual that I'm working off of.


  • 1 AN5-23 Undrilled Bolt
  • 2 AN4-5A Bolts (I think)
  • 2 AN960-416 Washers
  • 6 AN3-5A/-4A Bolts (Use what length you think works)
  • 8 AN960-10L Washers
  • 1 MS24665-210 Cotter Pin
  • 1 AN310-5 Castle Nut
  • 1FT of 2024T3 0.5X0.65 Alum Tube
  • 1FT of 2024T3 1X1X1/16 Angle
  • 1FT of 2024T3 1.5X1.5X1/16 Angle
  • 4 K1000-3 Nutplates
  • 3 AN470AD4-5 rivets
  • 8 NAS1097AD3-3.5 rivets

Install Notes

To clarify, you're making potentially 6 pieces of angle:

  1. Left bracket
  2. Right bracket
  3. Left Upper Attachment angle
  4. Right Upper Attachment angle
  5. Left lower attachment angle
  6. Right lower attachment angle (maybe)

Here's some notes on stuff that I stumbled on while working off this install manual.

  • The two pictures on the first page show you what you'll need to make. On the left, you'll need to make 4 pieces of angle. The bottom two pieces (1) and (2) are made from 1X1X1/16 Angle and roughly need to be cut to around 3 inches long. It doesn't really matter, essentially the only controlling part is spacing the current flap motor mounting holes and the new holes 1.5 inches apart. (3) and (4) bolt onto (1) and (2) and are made from 1.5 X 1.5 X 1/16 angle. In the right picture, you'll need to fab a piece of angle to replace the left flap motor attach angle in the plane (this is (5)). This piece is attached via bolts, and is triangular in shape. Replace this piece with what is in the picture. The stuff in the left picture (1) & (2) will bolt on to the flap motor attach angles (5) and maybe (6).
  • Here's a pic of the left bracket:
  • If you don't have a 90 degree drill attachment and a short drill bit that will fit, you might as well go ahead and drill out the right flap motor attachment angle now. You can either replace it with an identical piece (6) to what you made for the left attachment angle (this is probably easier), or you can follow the instructions and drill a second smaller hole using the existing attachment angle.
  • You'll need to mount K1000-3 nutplates where the manual tells you to because you have to mount the new attachment angles (3) & (4) onto the flap motor and the entire assembly then gets bolted onto the bottom brackets (1) & (2). If you mount the new attachment angles to the bottom brackets first, you can't fit the AN5-23 bolt in.
  • Double check your measurements before drilling, don't put the brackets backwards like I did. The brackets extend the mounting holes towards the front of the aircraft.