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Fuselage stand

· One min read

Wanted to go a bit more in to depth here in hopes that it's useful to someone else.

I couldn't find any good references when trying to build a fuselage stand for my QB fuse, everyone seemed to have a different approach and no one really had measurements...

So here's what we did.

We built our fuselage stand 7' long and 5' ish wide.

Here's a shot looking from back to front:

That top cross member is 4' 8", and so the bottom is probably 5' 2". The design was meant for the wing spar to carry most of the load, so we used the end to end distance of that to size it. You can find details like that at Tim Olson's work area page, he measured every dimension you might need. Wing Center to Wing Center is 57", so that's the number we designed around.

Stick 2 2X4 blocks under the rear spar attachment points like this...

and you're done! Put some foam support...or carpet at the front and back cross members to protect the metal too.