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Task 24-10-10-01 - An Inspection of the primary Alternator

1. Do an inspection of the belt-driven primary Alternator

  • A. Inspect the alternator externally for security of mounting and wiring.
  • B. Check the alternator bearings.
    • (1) Release the belt tension.
    • (2) Check for radial and axial alternator shaft play and for smooth rotation.
    • (3) Reject an alternator that has rough rotation or shaft play.
  • C. Check the alternator drive belt condition.
    • (1) Re-tension the belt.
    • (2) Hold and secure propellor so as to prevent engine rotation.
    • (3) Apply torque wrench to alternator pulley nut until belt slips.
    • (4) Belt slip should not be observed below 12-14 ft/lbs for a new belt, or 8-10 ft/lbs for a used belt.