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Section 24-10-10-02 - An inspection of the backup alternator

1. Do a check of the backup alternator

  • A. Check the rear housing cooling slots for gray dust residue.
    • (1) If gray dust residue is found, contact B&C.
  • B. Check the alternator externally for security of mounting.
    • (1) If oil is leaking around the alternator base, check the torque of the mounting bolts to be 70 in-lbs.
    • (2) If there is still a leak, replace the gasket.
    • Note: Do not increase torque above 70 in-lbs.
  • C. Clean the area around the mounting flanges and the casting webs between the mounting flanges and the alternator housing.
    • (1) Check for cracks in the webs. Contact B&C for any cracks found.
    • Note: Normal tooling parting lines should not be mistaken for cracks.
  • D. Check for security of alternator wiring.