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Task 24-10-90-01 - Replacement of the Crimp Terminals on the backup alternator

1. Procedure

  • A. Ensure the electrical power is turned off.
  • B. Disconnect the ground post of the battery.
  • C. Disconnect the output terminal of the alternator.
  • D. Clean the output post and nut with a brass wire brush.
  • E. Replace the crimp terminal.
    • (1) Strip the conductor as necessary until there is enough length of bright clean stripped conductor.
    • (2) Crimp a new ring terminal.
    • (3) Re-install the terminal on the output post using a lock washer and nut and torque the nut to 50 in-lbs.

2. Test

  • A. Do a preflight inspection.
  • B. Move the aircraft to an area safe for engine start.
  • C. Turn on the battery masters.
  • D. Start the engine. Allow the engine to reach proper operating temperature.
  • E. Advance the throttle for 2100 RPM minimum.
  • F. On the MFD, turn the primary alternator field circuit off.
  • G. Ensure bus voltage is near 13.0 to 14.0 volts.
  • H. Turn all lights on, ensure voltage is steady. Advance RPM as necessary.
  • I. Shutdown the aircraft using normal procedures.