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Task 25-10-01-01 - Removal of the tunnel covers

Removal of Tunnel Covers 3 - 5

  • A. Remove the center console assembly.
  • B. Remove the rear seat cushions.
  • C. Remove the two bolts holding the seat belts in place using a 7/16" socket wrench.
  • D. Carefully lift up the carpet away from the inside skin, take care to separate the carpet from the velcro. Do this in both the cabin over the center console as well as the rear seat pan and the baggage compartment.
  • E. Use a screw driver to unscrew the AN509-8R8 screws holding the tunnel covers in place on the sides and the two screws connecting pieces 3,4 and 5 together.
  • NOTE: The front seats do not have to be removed for this, however access may be difficult without a 90 degree screw driver.

Removal of tunnel covers 1 & 2

  • A. Remove the side panels held in by screws common to the tunnel cover.
  • NOTE: It may be necessary to remove the lower instrument panel as well as the center console assembly.