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Subject 12-11 - Fuel Servicing

1. General

  • A. Fueling

    • (1) Unlock and open the fuel caps by actuating the tabs on the tops of the fuel cap.
    • (2) Ground the airplane to the fueling mechanism through a ground strap attached at the exhaust.
    • (3) Fuel the airplane.
    • (4) Note the total fuel taken per tank.
    • (5) Replace and secure the fuel caps.
    • (6) Use a GATS jar or equivalent to sump the fuel tanks at each bottom wing skin root.
    • (7) Remove the ground connection
  • B. Defueling

    • (1) Ensure you take precautions around exposed fuel. Wear personal protective equipment.
    • (2) Bond the fuel receptacle using jumper cables or equivalent ground strap to the aircraft.
    • (3) Position the receptacle beneath the wing root fuel drains.
    • (4) Use an 1/2" wrench to unscrew the CAV-110 wing root fuel drains.
    • (5) Inspect the CAV-110 fuel drains for condition.
    • (6) Reinstall the fuel drains. Use a dash of fuel lube or equivalent fuel-safe thread sealant on the threads. Take care not to get fuel lube too close to the tip of the drain.