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Flight Controls

Dual controls are fitted.
Elevator and ailerons are operated through a system of adjustable push rods. The rudder is operated through a cable system to the rudder pedals. Pitch trim is by dual tabs on the elevators actuated by an electric servo. Roll trim is by a spring system actuated by an electric servo located in the left wing at the most inboard access panel. Pitch and roll trim are selected by a set of four switches on the pilot’s stick grip. Trim positions are depicted on indicators located on the EFIS. Flaps are operated electrically and are controlled by a switch on the panel. A flap positioning system selects Reflex, 0, 15 and 30 degrees (need to confirm with measurements) of flap automatically with a temporary press of the flap actuation switch.
The up position of the switch will fully retract the flaps.