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Fuel System

Fuel is stored in two 30 US gallon tanks secured to the leading edge of the left and right main wing spars. Fuel drains are fitted to the lowest point of each tank and should be opened prior to the first flight of the day and after each refueling to check for sediment and water. The wing tank fuel is routed to the fuel selector valve which is located on the center tunnel in between the pilot and co-pilot positions. At the wing root, between the tank and the fuel selector valve there is a shutoff valve for maintenance convenience as well as a filter. A knob on the valve handle must be lifted to change the selection to or from the OFF position. Left/Right may be selected without lifting the lever. Fuel that leaves the selector valve is routed to the dual fuel pump module which is located in the center tunnel. Fuel then flows past the firewall to a fuel filter which is secured to the engine mount. Past the filter, fuel flows to a distribution block mounted on top of the engine. Fuel that is not needed bypasses the 6 lines leading to the injector and enters the return fuel line. The return fuel line flows to the pressure regulator mounted on the firewall, before flowing back to the fuel selector and to the selected tank. The fuel pump is controlled by two switches on the panel. One of the pumps must be on for the duration of the flight. Both pumps should be turned on for takeoff and landing. The SDS ECU outputs a fuel flow signal to the G3X system.